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I’m originally from Wellington, NZ, and now based in Chennai, India. I have a background in Computer Science and AI. These days I spread my time between being a professional Software Engineer, doing Consciousness and AI research, and family life.

I’ve been reading and writing about consciousness since 2014. I’m interested in understanding the Neurocomputational basis of Consciousness, what that tells us about human intelligence, and what that tells us about building Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

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Research Projects


I’m researching the mechanisms underlying consciousness. I believe the lessons learned tell us a lot about how to build the next generation of AGI.

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What low-level capabilities make up human-level intelligence? What kinds of architectures produce those behaviours? How do those architectures compare to contemporary AI?

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Multi-iteration NNs

My theory of consciousness rests on the idea that multi-iteration processing is a key feature of more advanced intelligence. How do we build neural networks to do the same? Some recent advances have started to do just that, but do they go far enough?

Learning and Navigation within an Association Space

If an AI agent can learn to navigate in physical space, then it can do so in abstract conceptual space, and start doing rational thought. We just need to figure out a way to learn the conceptual space in an online fashion.

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